Three Storey Residential Building

Two Storey Beach House

Davao Crocodile Park

Two Storey Residential Building

Commercial Buildings

Kurv Outlet Bajada Branch - is designed to showcase sporting apparel from skateboarding fanatics to wake boarding enthusiasts. This sporting goods outdoor shop is a one door commercial establishment … Continue reading

Wilcon Builder’s Depot Davao

Wilcon Builder’s Depot  Davao- This had been their first venture in the island of mindanao. Wilcon has a vast supply when it comes to interior materials, … Continue reading

Four-Storey Mixed-Use Building

Four-Storey Mixed-Use Building -  a four-storey building that has a common utility room at the ground floor. The building’s transformer pad is located at the … Continue reading


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Davao Architect

With the rapid economic development of the Philippine economy, many companies are looking to expand their business. Many times this expansion needs master planning from an experienced and highly skilled Architect in Philippines. Architect Noel B. Chavez has earned his reputation as an experienced Davao Architect, with a particular interest in green architecture in the Philippines. Noel is a licensed Architect and will travel from Manila, Cebu, Davao and everywhere in-between.

From design to completion, Architect Noel B Chavez will create a structure that is unique, efficient, environmentally friendly and best of all, on budget. Have you ever noticed a building or structure that was very memorable? Have you thought about what makes it memorable? This is how we start every project, by asking, “how can we make this project memorable”, it doesn’t matter if the project is a new home architecture, food service and restaurant design, hospitality architecture, retail design, theme park architecture and master planning or creating an entertainment venue. Our goal is the same, to create a structure that is unique, efficient, environmentally friendly done on time and on budget.

One common mistake that many people make is they will just hire a Philippines construction company with no Architect and they end up getting a poorly designed structure with meager craftsmanship that will not impress anyone. If you are looking for a Manila Architect, a Cebu Architect or a Davao Architect, and want your structure to be developed correctly from the start, just fill out the following form and we will get back to you.